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Post  Ryoumu Hakurei on Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:32 pm

Oh, look, it's people on the internet!

My name is Ryoumu, last name Hakurei! I'm from another Gensokyo, y'know, one where all the girls are guys and the guys are girls! As such, it's very hard to find a pretty lady over there, and now that I'm here in this woman-filled land of rampant desire... Heheh~! I'm a bit of a womanizer, y'know~!

Some people think I'm kinda lazy when it comes to hard work, but when there's a strong enemy, you always know I'm gonna do 110%! I'm proud to say my shrine is quite successful, even without very many human visitors, because I always find a way to extort money from others! My shrine is real lavish, y'know, with an A/C and an open bar and everything! I'm quite curious to see how this Gensokyo's shrine is doing!

Also, this other me is real hot... Would doing /it/ with her count as incest, or wanking, I wonder?

As you can see, sometimes I'm a little dirty-minded...

In my Gensokyo, I never worked real hard on anything that took a while to reap benefits - I'm more of an "Immediate Actions, Immediate Results" kinda guy. Anything later... Well, it's hard to get me motivated.

I've been told I'm a bit of a bitch sometimes, self-absorbed, and a penny-pincher, too! But if something looks good, I won't hesitate to buy it - it's gotten me into some trouble with some debt collectors, but I'm always just strong enough to get myself out of any trouble!

Seeing all of you females getting along so well... is kinda strange for me. I'm aware of the male versions in my world, and I might have fought one or two, but I'm not really on speaking terms with any of them. Maybe this'll be a great time to get some contacts, and maybe even some friends!

My past? Nothing very happy, despite how happy I seem. When I was a kid, demons feared my shrine, and one time, they revolted, killing my family and orphaning me, right before my own eyes! That's when I decided to become a monk, so I could protect other people and uphold the customs of my family. Though, I'm sure if Mom or Dad saw me now, they might be kinda disappointed in how I turned out. Well, it's been so long that I don't really think about that bad time much anymore~! But if I'm reminded of it...

...Mommy... Daddy...

I'm always ready to have a good time and a party, so if anyone wants a quick chat, feel free to ring me up, yeah? Thanks for listening to my boring lil' life's story! I'll be sure to make it up to you by falling asleep in the middle of yours! Because you're all guaranteed to be super boring in comparison to me~!

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Post  (=w=)Erin_Yagakoro(=w=) on Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:36 pm

~( ' w ' )~O I think you need a cookie!
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